Becky's Story

01 November 2021

Becky, who works at Denny High School, was our first Refer a Friend prize draw winner and kindly shared her thoughts about the Take the Right Route rewards challenge and the BetterPoints app.

I first downloaded the BetterPoints app for the Travel Right Falkirk programme a couple of years ago. I used the app lots and got many colleagues involved too. Quite a few of us won prizes and really enjoyed it for tracking activities. I got an ebike on the Cycle to Work scheme some time ago and used it lots to commute to school and became the face of Falkirk Council’s Cycle to Work Scheme the next year. I then decided to upgrade and get an even fancier bike during the second lockdown in Scotland and have become even more enthusiastic about using it as a form of transport. I think this has helped encourage friends and colleagues to see how it is possible to change your habits and integrate better choices into your everyday life.

I really like tracking my exercise and earning points as I go. It feels like getting stars or stickers when you were at school – I still love that positive reinforcement! I also love winning prizes –who doesn’t?

I tend to use walking for shorter journeys, my bike for medium journeys and my electric car for longer journeys. If I am going into Glasgow or Edinburgh I would be unlikely to use anything apart from public transport as parking can be so difficult. I try to find a way to use my bike as much as possible as I have a busy life with young family and full-time job so it means I get exercise as part of things I am doing in my daily routine anyway. I feel like I need to do everything I can to lower my carbon footprint not only to reduce damage to our world but also set an example to my own children and the young people I work with in school.

Becky won a £10 District Towns Gift Card - which can be spent in over a hundred local businesses - for referring a friend into the Take the Right Route programme. There are weekly draws throughout November, so make sure you refer friends every week to maximise your chances of winning!